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Invest 50% in advertising, your Marketing Budget $0
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Annual Revenue $0
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Changes 0%
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0.0083 0.008549 0.00880547 0.0090696341 0.009341723122999999 0.009621974816689999 0.009910634061190698 0.01020795308302642 0.010514191675517212 0.010829617425782728 0.01115450594855621 0.011489141127012896 0.00981615378006468
New Conversion Rate 0%
Annual Pofits
Return on Investment (ROI)
Changes 0%
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The total number of unique visits registered on your websites in a month.
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Your conversion rate is equal to Orders/Visits per month
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Your total revenue divided by the number of orders
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